Approximately 80% of Parents Feel Paternity Rights Are Insufficient

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On 4th October 2022 the Fatherhood Institute, a charitable organization which, in its words, works to further the agenda of ‘involved fatherhood’ and a business that specialises in childcare and is known by Koru Kids teamed up to release the results of its survey in which it found that nearly seventy-five percent of both mothers and fathers believed that they were not provided with a sufficient amount of time off for paternity leave purposes.      

Sample Size?

Now the weight, credibility, and strength of a survey rise and fall on the size of the sample and the demographics approached by the investigators for their points of view on a particular area, aspect, or issue being the subject of the investigation.  

What Did The Results of The Report Find?

The Paternity League Table seems to have highlighted some eye-opening statistics in this area including but not limited to the following: 

  • in percentage terms eighty percent of those survey respondents approached for their opinion on such matters reported that disparities in maternity seemingly acted to underpin conventional, customary, and long established typecasts when it comes to the gender demographics   

  • seventy-five per cent of females with childcare responsibilities perceived the lack of paternity provision had made them discern feeling  deserted at a challenging, risky, unsafe, and dangerous time for them 

  • just under seventy percent of this group had responsibility for the significant majority of the day-to-day jobs in the family home

  • more detail revealed by the survey was the comments from survey contributors was the seeming encouragement for those females who were bringing the younger generation into the world to consider not going to work and instead choose to engage in the position of housewife  

  • arguably the most alarming attitude revealed by the report was a seeming sliding doors moment whereby correspondingly males with  children are being encouraged to go back to their jobs

  • around sixty-five per cent of those approached for their perspective on this issue felt that males with parental responsibility faced a significant mountain to climb when attempting to build a close relationship with their offspring when this demographic returns to the workplace

  • approximately half of those surveyed were of the perception that during the opening few months of the lives of their babies, the majority had not received sufficient attention     

  • just over forty-five percent of those persons with parental responsibility for children reported perceiving that the paternity provision allocated was of the decidedly insufficient amount to cover what was required

  • the main culprits for this sentiment amongst those who were approached to provide answers to the investigator’s question included:

  • just under seventy-five per cent believed that they were not being provided with sufficient and compensated leave of absence at this challenging time

  • slightly less than sixty percent were under the conception that they were under-compensated for the efforts they are making whilst in their respective roles and

  • approximately thirty percent appear to have commented that an absence of pliability when making a comeback to the working environment was another reported reason for the perception of the insufficiency of the provision of paternity support provided by businesses employing staff

Way Forward?

Businesses involved in this area would be best advised to implement, maintain and enforce competent equality policies for the provision of paternity leave, pay, and provision. However, those who have these policies in place and have an excellent reputation as an employee-friendly place to work have paternity provision which falls short of the required standard. This will need to be improved to reduce the risk of the same negative response in future years. 

Written By Adam Green   


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