60% of Millennial Women Would Consider Quitting Over Employer Abortion Policies

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A newly released survey by investment website Ellevest has revealed that just over sixty percent of female respondents emanating from a millennial demographic communicated that they would consider terminating their employment contracts with their respective employers if there was a divergence between their personal opinions on abortion rights and those of their employers. 

Sample Size?

As everybody is aware the credibility of any survey is dependent upon the sample size and this Ellevest survey was no exception. The organizers approached a few thousand respondents seeking to gain an insight into this key area from a female vantage point and the effect finance is having on the way of life, civilization, and society as a whole. The survey made the following findings including but not limited to:

  • just under sixty percent of females emanating from a millennial background communicated that they would consider terminating their employment with their employer if there was a parting between those of their employers on abortion and their own opinions. 
  • Approximately forty-five percent of respondents to the survey from the wider population of females from the United States of America claimed they would consider vacating their jobs for the above reason.
  • a significant proportion of the workforce or a figure of thirty-five per cent are from a millennial demographic and
  • a staggering figure of fifty percent of the two thousand five hundred respondents who provided answers to the survey commented that the United States Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs v Jackson on 24th June 2022 overturned the long-standing case of Roe v Wade from way back when in 1973 had had a noticeable effect on their mind when it comes to a monetary perspective.

Everything Has Changed?

In October 2021 Ellevest published the results of its Financial Wellness Survey. At the time the economic landscape was significantly different and contrasted starkly with the situation we find ourselves in in the current economic climate including but not limited to the following:

  • exceptionally volatile investments markets
  • rocketing rates of inflation which is creating intense pressure on a large proportion of the population
  • improving employment and job creation data and
  • a brighter outlook in terms of the student loan books. 

It found that between 2021 and 2022 there was a three hundred percent increase in those female respondents perceiving monetary prosperity as a priority. Interestingly, in 2021 this was only a runner-up to psychological welfare. In terms of statistics thirty-six percent of those who responded considered emotional health to be important, whereas just over thirty-five percent of those who answered the survey questions believed this to be a priority. 

A major movement appears to have taken place in the area of monetary fitness where last year this was just a shade over fifteen percent and has increased approximately thirty percent to just over forty percent of respondents. In terms of bodily health, just over twenty percent cited this as a priority in 2021 and this appears to have increased around fifteen percent and is now approximately forty percent in 2022.

In terms of attitudes to long-term investments in pensions, the Ellevest Wellbeing Survey revealed that around seventy-five percent of female respondents intentionally decided to save for retirement, especially with the unstable market conditions. The survey directly compared this to the situation with their male counterparts where only approximately sixty-six percent of male respondents continued to invest in their pension provision.

This survey appears to highlight some of the changes which have taken place over the previous year and are food for thought for all industries. 


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