90% of Generation Z Want to Know Employer LGBT Attitude

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myGwork, the self-styled business association which aims primarily at those with the characteristics Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. It appears to target a broad church of persons from this demographic and it lists professional persons, those studying, recruiting, retaining and promoting members of the workforce and persons who have any convictions in favour of equality. The association have released the results of a survey into the plight of those from the LGBT community, and their lived experiences and sought to glean their opinions. 

Our Survey Said… 

Just shy of three-quarters of those from the demographic of persons who provided answers to the questions and found themselves being born between the years 1997 and 2012 appear to have commented to those interviewers carrying out the survey their belief that fears of being left in a state of unemployment dominated their thoughts. The results revealed the following statistics: 

  • sixty per cent of those from this demographic faced less favourable treatment from their employer and educational establishment

  • over ninety per cent expressed a desire to be aware of the attitude of their respective business employing them on LGBTQ+ matters from an equality perspective and

  • approximately one fifth perceived themselves to be from an asexual demographic

Deep Dive

When those putting the survey together analysed the results of this demographic they found extraordinarily that over per cent demonstrating that it is vital for this age group to be involved in a job involving working in a fulfilling, contented role for self-esteem. 

The highest proportion of those questioned and point of fact approximately ninety of those currently embarking, undergoing or have achieved graduate or graduate status commented that they thought that they would be significantly more likely to be on the unemployment register if the respective or prospective business employment was dedicated to the equality agenda. 

Arguably the most shocking of all was the previously little-known attitude which appears to be bubbling under the surface with members of the workforce with seventy per cent commenting that they were strongly considering hiding their sexuality and many contemplating in the words of the survey ‘returning to the closet’ if their fellow members of staff and colleagues showed a discouraging towards persons in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual and queer community if they found themselves in the unfortunate situation where they were without a job for any reason.    

Way Forward

In response to the results of this long-awaited report published by businesses, organisations and legal professionals need to be: 

  • advising against creating an atmosphere in the working environment which is perceptively oppressive, hostile and aggressive toward members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, and Queer plus community

ensuring Equality and Diversity Policies are in place and enforced in a concerted attempt to actively stamp out conduct and behavior which may be interpreted to be discriminatory from the working environment

  • drafted professionally to adequately provide legal protection to those in the LGBT+ community so they are not at risk of facing discriminatory practices whilst in the workplace

  • actively encouraging members of the workforce who have these important protected characteristics to be their true selves whilst in the workplace, at social events, and representing the respective businesses employing them at functions, networking, and similar events

  • a quarter of those who responded expressed a desire to see more role models in the workplace and

  • taking time to identify, celebrate and mark days involving Stonewall, Pride, and other important dates 


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