Boeing Rowing Into The Future

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Boeing Rowing Into The Future

Microsoft has announced a closer partnership with Boeing that will enable the aerospace company to use the Microsoft Cloud to upgrade its critical infrastructure and applications. The new data partnership allows Boeing to operate in the cloud, which means developing and deploying applications and solutions across the business. The move was considered an "outstanding win" for Microsoft.

In recent years, Boeing has moved from its old Boeing-owned IT infrastructure to cloud service providers. Bloomberg reported that Boeing is the latest major tech customer to split its business across multiple cloud providers, avoiding the centralised approach promoted by Amazon.

Boeing also has partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and other cloud service providers. As the three giants in the cloud computing market, Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure) and Google (Google Cloud) Amazon (AWS) are working with Boeing.

Google Cloud will support the cloud transformation of the largest aerospace companies by moving various applications between different business groups and aerospace products on the Google Cloud platform. Through a cloud partnership with AWS, Boeing will also provide connected digital solutions to its employees.

Boeing has said their expansion will effectively create a "one-stop shop" for Boeing's future approach to cloud computing.

The use of cloud services will allow Boeing developers to go all out and easily develop applications, unlocking more opportunities for all business units. Through the expanded collaboration, Boeing will leverage the Microsoft Cloud and its artificial intelligence capabilities to modernize its technology infrastructure and mission-critical applications with new, data-driven intelligent solutions to further unlock new opportunities for jobs, operations and doing business

The power of the Microsoft cloud and its artificial intelligence capabilities will be a fundamental part of Boeing's digital aviation strategy, delivering flexible, flexible and scalable, intelligent and data-driven solutions on a secure and compliant platform. As part of a major investment in a digital future, the company will leverage the Microsoft Cloud and its artificial intelligence capabilities to modernize critical infrastructure, streamline business processes and accelerate innovation in digital aviation.

Under the Rogers Communications agreement, RCI and its robust 5G network will leverage the public cloud capabilities of the Azure cloud platform to drive innovation, deliver new customer experiences, and enable employees to collaborate more flexibly across the country. This insight further expands on a collaboration that began in 2016, when Boeing began moving Boeing's digital portfolio to Microsoft Azure, the technology company's public cloud platform.

Their strategic partnership builds on Microsoft MSFT's history to support Boeing BA's digital future by helping Boeing BA simplify operations and develop digital solutions for the benefit of the aviation industry. Microsoft MSFT and Boeing BA recently announced an expanded strategic partnership to accelerate Boeing's digital transformation.

According to Susan Doniz, Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Senior Vice President of Information Technology (IT) and Data Analytics, the partnership with AWS in the cloud represents a significant investment in the digital tools that will power Boeing for the next 100 years

The cloud partnership also strengthens Boeing's commitment to sustainability, innovation and clean partnerships by increasing access to more energy-efficient systems and technologies, upgraded data centres, and digital tools and testing to help reduce Boeing's carbon footprint.

Finally, the announcement will enable companies to unlock the tangible and sustainable value they bring from their big data and business practises.

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