Imposter Syndrome – Heart vs. Mind 70% Of The Workforce Suffer From Imposter Syndrome

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Imposter Syndrome – Heart vs. Mind  70% Of The Workforce Suffer From Imposter Syndrome

A recent survey conducted by Asana has found that an alarming seventy percent of the workforce employed in the jurisdiction of England and Wales were apparently suffering from feelings of imposter syndrome or burnout. The results further discovered that just over forty percent of those questioned by the interviewers suffered from both loosely termed conditions. The Report also appeared to point to the effects burnout and imposter syndrome were having on their respective organizations.

What Was The Survey?

The organizers of the survey Asana approached more than ten thousand members of the workforce in an attempt to identify the main reason behind those questioned feeling like this.

What Did The Report Find?

The report made the following discoveries. It found:

  • the groups most likely to suffer from both imposter syndrome and burnout are thought leaders in business and millennials.
  • that seventy percent of leaders classified as C-Suite communicated to the survey interviewers that burnout had had a dramatic effect on their decision-making capacity
  • just under forty percent appeared to complain over the low morale suffered as a direct result of feeling burnt out
  • around thirty percent complained about feeling detached from their team, the business, and the higher echelons of their organizations
  • that approximately twenty-five percent of those respondents had reported feeling so run down with feelings of burn-out that they felt like they had no other alternative but to vacate their job role with the respective organizations and
  • a little over one-quarter of colleagues advised the interviewers that there was a correlative and causative link between the feelings of burnout and errors they had subsequently made in their respective work tasks.
  • The majority of businesses appear not to have struck the right work-life balance. This seems to be giving the impression that some businesses are just ‘work, work, work’.

How Can The Decline Be Stopped?

If anyone takes the time to read the report published by Asana they would possibly be of the opinion that all is lost and there is alas no hope left. However, in response to the findings of the Report, there have been several seemingly sensible suggestions put forward as a way of alleviating the situation. A spokesperson from St Christopher’s Hospice, Idris Arshad holding the office of People and Inclusion Partner commented that businesses in this space need to use a three-prongedv to begin addressing the balance in this situation and suggested the following:

  • collaborating closely with their staff members to assist them in achieving a work-life balance by allowing them to collect their children from school by permitting them to vacate the workplace earlier in the day. However, on this point, Mr. Arshad was not hopeful of this approach being adopted by employers. This is because in his opinion nobody wants to give the perception of being feeble in this regard.
  • members of the workforce need to be allocated to the correct team
  • business thought leaders should ideally be encouraging their staff to adopt healthier options
  • due to the historical apparent absence of consideration of implementing measures to mitigate the risk of staff burnout employers should be encouraging businesses to adopt a policy of overstaffing, whereby employers would put in additional staff covering fluctuating workloads and covering non-attendance of staff
  • employers need to be considering the allocation of work with the above approach in mind and
  • in similar vein businesses engaging staff should have in mind their workforce energy levels, and how they are performing and seek out creative ways to help improve these two important factors

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