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Dispute Resolution Paralegal/Solicitor

Job Description

Salary: £25 per hour

We are a new and rapidly growing innovative network of lawyers across England and Wales, providing small businesses and individuals with affordable legal services.


We are currently seeking an experienced paralegal or solicitor adept in handling client matters from inception to completion in litigation, ADR routes, and McKenzie Friend services. 


The ideal candidate must have at least one year of continuous experience working in Dispute Resolution and Litigation, and be confident handling matters from inception to completion.


Typical tasks in this role will involve:

  • Conducting consultations (face to face or over the phone);
  • Assessment of merit;
  • Liaising with us over client requirements and instructions;
  • Drafting engagement paperwork;
  • Calculating time and fixed fees for matters and sub matters;
  • Drafting correspondence;
  • Research;
  • Advising on processes.


Please note that this position allows you to work from home as a consultant alongside other employment, and although deadlines will become apparent with each piece of work, the hours are very flexible.


If you have your own professional indemnity insurance, we are open to negotiating an agreeable fee rate.


Please apply using a CV and cover letter. We very much look forward to receiving your application. 


Recruiter Update (06.03.2019)

The recruiter has indicated that they are still looking for suitable candidates to apply this opportunity.

Job Summary