Job Search Tips

Be strategic - Only apply to firms that you genuinely believe might be suitable for you. Check the firms’ prerequisites before applying, for example, do you have the grades/qualifications that the firm seeks?

Do some research before you apply - If you want to be a corporate lawyer there is no point in applying to a high street practice that is unlikely to have a corporate law department. It is obvious to employers if you have applied to a firm that does not have a department with your preferred practice area or one that doesn’t fit your requirements.

Read the job description carefully - Are you able to offer what the firm is looking for? If that’s a yes then ensure that your application highlights all the skills that directly satisfy the requirements in the job description.

Don’t limit yourself - Make sure that you’re covering all bases where a possible job opportunity may be posted. Do not rely solely on online job postings - speak to internal recruiters or ask friends if they are aware of any positions that may be suitable for you.

Accuracy - Make sure that there are no grammatical or typographical errors in your CV or your job application. You might be a perfectly good candidate but if your CV/application is strewn with errors, it could cost you a potential interview.

Timing - Training contracts usually stipulate an application deadline but in all other cases you should apply as early as possible. Law firms will generally select five or six suitable candidates to interview and the likelihood is that they will find these in the first 50 or 60 applications they receive.

Competition - Law is an extremely competitive field so don’t be disheartened if your application is rejected or your interview is unsuccessful. If possible, request some feedback on an interview to see if there’s anything you can improve going forward.

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