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European Legal Security Forum 2019

European Legal Security Forum 2019

2 Jul 2019

With over 500 senior executives from the world of law and legal technology, this full day exhibition explores the security threats and high-priority risk factors associated with cyber security and data protection within the legal sector.

With an emphasis on cyber protection, critical response and risk mitigation, the European Legal Security Forum 2019 presents over 30 leading experts from the world of cyber security who will deliver ‘insider’ knowledge to identify gaps within existing security whilst offering expert advice to protect law firms from on-going threats and breaches.

To ensure continuity and integrity of law firm data and operations, the European Legal Security Forum 2019 examines the latest developments in cyber security. In addition, the agenda will evaluate the strategies and systems which can assist the legal sector in combating cyber threats, whilst offering optimal protection for today’s modern law firm.

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