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Company Secretaries are senior professionals that have knowledge in corporate law, finance, governance and corporate secretarial practice. A Company Secretary role is to ensure that a company or organisation complies with company law and any relevant regulations.  Let The Legists help you in getting your next job by setting up a Job Alert so you never miss a Company Secretary job opportunity. Create an account with The Legists to apply for Company Secretary jobs in a law firm and Upload your CV to our CV database to get headhunted.

London, Greater London
£90000 - £120000 per annum +
Posted 31.03.2021 (75 days remaining)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the duties and responsibilities of a company secretary?

Some of the more important duties and responsibilities of a company secretary include maintaining the company's statutory registers, handling adminstration of share transfers, take part in board and shareholder meetings and handle associated paperwork, and filing forms and information at Companies House.

2. What qualifications are needed to be a company secretary?

Becoming a company secretary can require a number of qualifications, however there are a number of routes you could take. You could attend university and obtain a relevant degree such as business, law, accountancy, or public administration, for which you will need a number of A levels to obtain entry into. Alternatively, you could undertake a higher national diploma in business manager or law in college, following which you could apply to a company as a trainee company secretary. As a lot of company secretaries are solicitors, you could undertake a solicitor apprenticeship which will require GCSEs and A levels. There are also a number of professional qualifications offered by The Chartered Goveernance Institute which could help you become a company secretary. This includes the Chartered Secretaries Qualifying Scheme.

3. Where do company secretaries work?

Company secretaries can work for a range of employers. They can be employed by private companies or even public organisations such as the NHS, charities, or professional bodies. Alternatively, a company secretary can be employed by a services firm through which they provide their services to external companies, or they can even be sole practioners and provide their sectretarial services to multiple clients.

4. Is becoming a company secretary hard?

Depending on your current career and business experience, becoming a company secretary could vary in difficulty. For example, a solicitor could easily act as a company secretary. Whereas an individual with training in a different field will need to undergo a longer process before being able to act as a company secretary.