Letchy Lawyer Banned Over 70 Acts of Sexual Misconduct

Letchy Lawyer Banned Over 70 Acts of Sexual Misconduct

In mid-May, 2023 industry enforcement arm the Solicitors Regulation Authority through the vehicle of the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal handed down an order barring a legal professional from operating within the profession connected to allegations of committing seventy acts of sexual misconduct towards young teenage colleagues in the workplace. The regulator appears to have taken a dim view of his conduct and removed his permission to operate immediately. 

What Happened In The Case?

The career of the legal professional appears to have been going from strength to strength. He achieved his practicing certificate in approximately 2007 which provided him with permission from the regulatory authorities to operate in the legal profession in the esteemed position of solicitor. His stock from a professional perspective appeared to be high. He had accrued more than one decade of post-qualification experience. All appeared to have been going extremely well and he had worked hard to achieve a career to be truly proud of. However, all the career success appears to have come crashing down in one fell swoop when his character appears to have been brought into question. This happened when numerous persons from the female demographic appear to have come forward alerting the provider of legal services he was working for at the time and the industry regulatory body the Solicitors Regulation Authority about their complaints in connection with the conduct of the legal professional at the center of the proceedings. When the regulatory authorities conducted its probe into what had taken place at the heart of the case it uncovered that there were approximately seventy separate disturbing accusations against the lawyer from persons emanating from the female demographic. The SRA appears to have intended to discover if there was any substance behind the accusations. When it delved deeper into the facts of each complaint the investigators appeared to have thought on the evidence that this was part of a wider pattern of lascivious behavior.            

What Did the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal Say?

The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal weighed up the evidence and removed the legal professional from the profession because his behavior was driven by his seeming inability to control his innate sexually lustful nature. It was even more furious over the way the lawyer had violated his duty to act with integrity and breached his trusted role within the profession through his conduct. 

Lessons Learned? 

Those in the privileged position of providing their services in their professional capacity in the legal profession or aspiring to achieve great things in such a career need to be paying attention to the facts surrounding this case. In this regard and to avoid being figuratively out on their proverbial ear in the legal wilderness legal professionals need to be taking the following action, including but not limited to: 
-    conducting themselves professionally at all times
-    acting with honesty and integrity in the workplace and with the wider populous
-    not feeling the need to make approaches of a sexual nature to staff in the opposite demographic emanating from a significantly younger age group
-    suppress the need to make sexually suggestive comments and request to a female member of the workforce during teenage years and
-    avoiding violating their professional duties whilst in a trusted position of responsibility within a legal services provider
Legal professionals will help lower the chances of being removed from the legal profession if they take on board these messages.     
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