Over Fifty Percent of the Twenty Year Olds Worry Over Reporting Mental Health Issues

In early March 2023, TELUS Health released its report into the public domain which seems to highlight the increasing worries from the age twenty demographic when reporting mental health issues to their employers  

Our Survey Said…

The results of the survey were eye-opening for several reasons. The headline figure for the survey was as follows: 

  • approximately fifty percent of the twenty to thirty-year-old age group demographic occupying the workforce communicated their worries regarding notifying their respective employers about personal issues from a mental health perspective
  • the majority of those who provided their opinion to the organizers of the survey appeared to be experiencing anxiety over vocalizing to those providing them with employment regarding issues surrounding their personal mental health troubles and the potential negative impact their reaction may have upon their professional development.
  • further reading into the piece of research revealed some interesting findings, particularly in relation to the comparison with other age demographics
  • in this regard the evidence appeared to suggest that the feeling of morale seems to have increased as people progress to the older demographics
  • of those occupying the demographic aged fifty less than thirty-five percent of those approached for their opinion and
  • to demonstrate this point further, the organizers of the survey analyzed the statistics revealed by the demographic aged sixty where less than percent of respondents worried about reporting mental health troubles to their employers and 
  • arguably the most interesting part of the survey was revealed when the organizers of the survey compared and contrasted the perceptions of those in the over-forty in relation with the groups of persons. Approximately sixty percentage the group perceived feeling uneasy talking to their employers regarding their mental health. Just shy of sixty per cent of the younger demographic shared this opinion.     

Lessons Learned

Those businesses in the position of providing employment to members of the workforce and individuals in line management positions with responsibilities for the line management of staff should be paying close order to both the results of this survey and the messages which were being communicated by the speakers who were putting their points of view across at the Employers Connect 2023 Mental Health Summit. In this regard such businesses should be strongly considering taking the following action, steps, and tactics to mitigate the risk of a repeat of such perceptively shocking results and opinions being repeated in the summits which are likely to take place in future years:

  • they can potentially start by communicating with the members of the workforce to whom they are providing employment to that there is help and support from a mental health perspective available to them
  • employers can potentially point colleagues in the direction of this support in the form of apps
  • businesses may guide colleagues towards the provision of specialist health insurance covering potential mental health issues
  • employers can also consider allocating monies towards assisting colleagues should they face difficulties from a mental health perspective

If anyone reading this article can identify with anything raised under this survey released by Employers Connect, anything raised by any of the speakers who communicated their point of view at the Mental Health Summit, or if you have experienced anything similar, have an opposing perspective or otherwise disagree with anything raised under it, we would be very grateful if you could please kindly place a comment on the article or approach us to provide your opinion, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your views.  


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