Over Fifty Percent of the Workforce Believe Employers Fall Short of Praise

Those occupying the modern everyday commercial workforce are aware that the majority of their lives are spent at work. Some businesses employing the workforce communicate their gratitude for the effort their staff is putting in to hit their targets. However, a survey released in early March 2023 was alarming. The research released by OC Tanner entitled the report into Global Culture found that just under fifty percent of those who were employed in the workforce and decided to provide their opinion to the survey organizers were of the view that their employers were falling short of showing genuine gratitude towards them.         

Survey Sample

Now a survey rises and falls on the size, breadth, and quality of the survey sample who are approached to provide their opinion. This instance was no exception and the organizers of the survey sought to approach just shy of five thousand persons employing members of the workforce seeming their views on staff recognition. 

Our Survey Said…

When the organizers of the survey interpreted the data they had gathered and analyzed the results obtained they discovered the following statistics:

  • it found that just over sixty-percent of the workforce approached for their opinion thought that those in key business decision-making positions appreciated the work-related activities and tasks they  were given to carry out
  • this is great news from the perspective of that business responsible for the provision of employment to the workforce; and
  • however when the organizers studied the results further they found that over thirty percent of this sample commented on the manner from their perspective that the positive feedback had been given to them. The majority described the way positive feedback was given to them as excruciating 

So What Are the Best Ways to Motivate Staff?

This has vexed businesses for generations. As the wise words seem to indicate, if you want to start making changes to the world you should perhaps start by looking in an inward direction, insularly and at yourself. Should businesses employing members of the workforce embark on such an exercise do so, a useful starting point may be to see if and indeed when they presently thank members of their workforce for the work-related activities they carry out. They could make observations as to the methodology used to identify colleagues’ hard-working endeavors in their respective roles. They also should be encouraged to assess the times as to the frequency of such motivational gratitude and appreciation being shown to members of the workforce. The organizers made several recommendations as to how businesses employ staff or a public show of gratitude in the form of a reward or some description. 
After the results of the survey had been released into the public domain the organizers of the piece of research recommended for there be real identification of both the work-related activities being carried out by the workforce. They should also be strongly considering the way in which they opt to deliver this news to the workforce. The organizers suggested that they should ideally deliver it in a manner that is individual and honest. Options that may be open to persons providing employment to members of the workforce and finding themselves in this position suggested intentionally expressing their gratitude. They advised such businesses to show their gratitude to their staff without the need for prompting      

Lessons Learned?

Employers assessing the results of this survey need to be:

  • providing real gratitude to colleagues
  • considering to tone of their praise and
  • giving positive feedback in a genuine manner

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