Phishing??…Do You Mean Fishing

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Phishing??…Do You Mean Fishing?

What Is Vishing?

In this modern day and age opportunists are using some elaborate methods to breach the cyber security defences of individuals and businesses. The impact of these scams by these cyber security criminals can be catastrophic from fraud, data protection breaches and money laundering. One such device which has become a weapon of choice for these cyber criminals is phishing.

Phishing??…Do You Mean Fishing?

Contrary to the popular belief of the lay person phishing is not an activity which involves a fishing rod, fish food, casting off, a body of water, a stereotypical waterproof outfit and a fishing hat. Phishing however is a seemingly very cruel and potentially damaging variety of criminal enterprise. Many people think that it seeks out weaknesses in an individual’s or a business’s computer system. However, this is not the case with phishing. The practice appears to set it sights upon taking advantage of the personal vulnerabilities and frailties of individual human error. It involved the sending a variety of correspondence in the form of:

  • emails
  • messages sent on social media and
  • text messages

which have as their primary objective of cruelly, callously and maliciously deceiving members of the public into disclosing confidential information or clicking on links in order to downloading malware onto their devices.

You Have To Get Up Early To Catch Me Mate?

Some people may think they are too clever, observant or not stupid enough to fall for a scam of this kind. However, under the correct conditions anybody can find themselves being duped by scams of this kind. Scammers spend vast amounts of time sending out thousands of phishing emails which can range from the seemingly innocuous low level phishing emails to clever, creative and imaginative way to convince, coax and induce seemingly vulnerable victims to part with their hard-earned cash or data.

Vishing…What Is That When Its At Home?

A alluded to in the preceding paragraph, phishing is a seemingly cruel way for unscrupulous shady operators to target perceptively vulnerable people. Many persons may be aware of phishing. However, apopular type of phishing is known as vishing. If you have never heard of it, it is more common than you may first think. However, the large proportion of the population may be unaware of vishing. But…what is it and how do these seemingly shady operators use it to target the public?

The phone is the weapon of choice for scammers who use vishing techniques. Scammers seek to communicate with vulnerable persons over the telephone in an effort to persuade them to disclose data which can be used to steal the identities of the most vulnerable persons in our society such as information pertaining to:

  • cards
  • pin and
  • other similar numbers.

How Do They Do It?

Unscrupulous operators falsely represent and holding themselves out as having an association with reputable businesses such as:

  • registered charities
  • financial institution or
  • other respected commercial business.

Scammers exert pressure on vulnerable victims to persuade them to reveal confidential data. Due to the conditions created by such scams many of these targeted persons are tricked into disclosing their details prior to realising what is happening to them.

Can Vishing Of Vulnerable People Be Stopped?

Unlike many of the most common phishing scams, clever and manipulative vishing scams can be very challenging to identify never mind deal with and the implications can be incredibly serious. Lawyers should be making attempts to communicate with the public the importance of:

  • not disclosing sensitive data to unknown persons via phone
  • carefully reviewing their bank details and
  • securing their personal information.

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