Polish PM Accuses EU of Blackmail As Row Over Rule Of Law Escalates

Polish PM Accuses EU of Blackmail As Row Over Rule Of Law Escalates

What just happened?

The European Commission and the European Parliament have criticized Poland’s extreme social policies, including restrictions on LGBTQ rights and an almost total ban on abortion which is enforced by the ruling Party Law and Justice (PiS). The EU and the European Union have criticized Poland's ultra-conservative social policies, enforced under Prime Minister Bronislaw Komorowski, that restrict LGBTQ + rights and ban abortion almost entirely. (1)

What does this mean?

Analysts say the ruling, which rejects the supremacy of EU law, could be the first step in Poland's eventual departure from the UE. In a heated debate held in the European Parliament in Strasbourg that compared the Polish situation with Brexit, Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki claimed that the European Court of Justice was responsible for a "quiet revolution" that undermined the country's sovereignty. He insisted that Poland complies with EU treaties, brushing aside comments by opponents of Poland's nationalist government who fear the court ruling could set the country on the path to a possible exit from the EU. (2)

The Polish Prime Minister further accused unnamed EU politicians of blackmailing' the country into joining the central power '', alluding to calls to withdraw funding from Brussels because of a recent ruling of the Polish Constitutional Court that key elements of EU law were incompatible with Polish Constitution. The Polish prime minister's comments came after European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the EU would consider taking action against Poland if the courts trampled on parts of EU law against the country and its own constitution. Prime Minister Mike Pompeo made the comments after the president of the European Commission said that the EU would consider "measures" if Poland's ruling against its own constitution trumped parts of its law. (3)

How does it impact the legal sector?

The Polish court ruling of 7 October and the European Commission's response to it have divided political leaders in EU member states. Morawiecki called the ruling "misunderstood" and questioned an area of the EU Treaty. He said it does not threaten the constitutions of member states, which outline the laws and principles that govern how countries are governed. (4) 

EU top officials met with Poland's prime minister on Tuesday and argued that a recent ruling of the country's Constitutional Court challenging the supremacy of EU laws poses a threat to the bloc’s foundations that can not be left unsaid. The European Commission head Ursula von der Leyen said that the controversial decision of Poland's Constitutional Court on October 7, which challenged the supremacy of EU law, was an attempt to wield the axe on the EU treaties and to undermine their legitimacy. EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynder, who attended a preparatory meeting of the EU and European Affairs ministers on Tuesday, said that the EU was "deeply concerned" about the dispute with Poland and stressed the binding nature of the EU rules for member states. (5)

There are three ways for the EU Commission to respond to the Polish Court Decision, said Ms. von der Leyen, challenging the ruling by withholding EU funds and suspending Poland's rights as a member state. The Polish court ruling, she said, would be much more difficult than a court ruling that withholds European fees and EU government funds and nullifies some of our rights as member states. Poland has been locked in a war of words with Brussels for months. Thousands of Poles have taken to the streets to express their support for their country's membership of the European Union. (6) 


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