Survey Reveals Fewer Than One Percent Of BME Females Work In Tech

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A recent report published following some research which was conducted by the PCs coding black females and the Chartered Institute for information technology has revealed some alarming statistics it is found that females in the black and minority ethnic demographic who were employed information technology sector represented significantly less than one percent of the workforce. Whilst on its own this may not seem to be a significant, worrying, or troubling statistic, to put the matter into some form of context and in comparison with everyone working in the United Kingdom where females deriving from the black and minority ethnic background represent just under two percent of those employed. This means that in the Information technology sector the appears to be hey very wide 1% gaping disparity between the specific individual industry and the situation in the wider United Kingdom economy. 

Survey Sample?

Sample survey rises and falls on the credibility of the data gathered. Every year thousands of surveys are carried out, approaching subjects, which produce large sample sizes and which provide examinable survey data. There are also very small samples of data gathered, where only a very tiny number of people approached the data is not very clear and the results are inclusive in terms of arguments the organizers of such surveys were trying to establish. this spectacular survey carried out by the Chartered Institute for Information Technology and Coding Black Females was no exception and it appears to have approached more than three hundred and fifty respondents who emanated from black and ethnic minority backgrounds and who were employed in the information technology sector. the organizers of the survey were attempting to seek the opinion of the respondents by putting to them in an interview format questions regarding their opinions on the pervasive situation in the industry and to gather a broad view of the obstacles females from black and minority ethnic backgrounds well indeed facing in terms of diversity, inclusivity and equality.  

Our Survey Said… 

As alluded to earlier in this article those who responded to the interview questions put forward to come in said that less than one percent of All females from the black and minority ethnic demographic, this measly figure contrasted starkly with the situation in the entire UK employment force where by just shy of two percent of those females employed were from the black and minority ethnic group democratic. this was not the only statistic picked up on by those organizers who analysed this survey data in depth. They also found the following worrying trends: 

  • Coding Black Females network found that just shy of percent I've been tired of information technology workforce perceived feelings of being up against challenges which had the apparent effect of preventing this ethnic demographic from embarking on a career in the technology sector

  • most interesting of all arguably was the finding that females from black backgrounds reported feeling that they faced more challenges gaining access to the path career when compared to their white demographic counterparts

  • in terms of the entire industry the female demographic was just over one-fifth in the year 2021. On balance, it is not all bad news and by way of proof back in 2017, some five years before this survey was conducted there was reportedly less than twenty percent of those employed in the Information Technology sector. This appears to be a noticeable increase in the amount of percent and represents an increase in the amount of approximately one percent per year across the sector. 

Pathway Forward? 

If industry leaders act decisively now by way of providing opportunities for development, training, and enforcing equality policies it will reduce the probability of worrying trends from hitting the headlines when surveys of this nature are conducted.  


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