Top Legal Blogs That Every Law Student Should Follow

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Top Legal Blogs That Every Law Student Should Follow

In the age of technology and social media, every law student should be taking full advantage of the vast number of online resources we have at our fingertips. Legal blogs are a great educational way to pass time during a study-break and it can also be used as a resource to gain important advice. Whether you are puzzled about your career options or looking for advice on your coursework, vacation schemes or post-graduate life, you are only ever a few clicks away from finding the answer and discovering new opportunities!

To save you some time in your busy schedule as a law student, we have compiled a list of the best legal blogs of 2022. In addition to these, you should also check out your university’s law society as some run useful blogs with content specific to your law school. Secondly, many firms such as Kirkland & Ellis and Latham & Watkins run blogs with varied content relevant to law students. If you’ve done enough reading in law school and would prefer to listen, podcasts are also an excellent way to stay informed and gain some legal insights. The Legists website also provides student tips and resources too! For now, here are some interesting and useful blogs to get you started - happy reading!

1 - ‘Life of a London Law Student’ -

LLB Graduate Lorraine offers her perspectives on the challenges of law school and the process of becoming a lawyer. She acknowledges that universally, law school can feel like The Hunger Games, yet her helpful blog posts on topics such as advice on applications, interview prep and writing dissertations certainly alleviate this feeling! Although the author is London-based, we believe every aspiring lawyer will find this blog very useful!

2 - ‘Legal Feminist’ -

The Legal Feminist is a blog curated by a collective of solicitors and barristers who are passionate about giving a voice to feminist issues in the law. This blog offers feminist perspectives and analysis on a wide variety of specialist areas in law. Recent topics include the trans self-ID debate and criticisms of the current EHRC Code of Practice. For students, feminist analysis on legal issues can be useful for writing assignments or simply to get you thinking about a legal topic and the challenges different groups in society may face due to a particular piece of legislation or lack thereof.

3 - The Law Society Blog -

Sharing views from around the legal sector and legal news updates, this blog is important for all students in order to stay informed on constitutional matters. In addition, there is also informative career advice and work experience posted frequently. Legal issues affecting businesses are often discussed, which are also important reads for students to ensure you are commercially aware!

4 - ‘The Secret Barrister’ -

You may already have seen ‘The Secret Barrister’ bestselling books in your local bookshop, but do not forget about the award-winning Secret Barrister blog! The blog aims to provide a simplified digest of the law and to debunk misconceptions about the law that are prevalent in the media. The author is unashamedly honest and offers refreshing and truthful perspectives about the reality of the legal system. Topics include current issues affecting the criminal barrister profession, UK human rights law and UK criminal law. Whether you are an aspiring barrister or not, this blog is definitely not one to be left unread.

5 - Barrister Blogger -

Another award-winner is Matthew Scott’s Barrister Blog, which offers legal commentary and discussion on a range of topics. Most commonly, Scott is demystifying cases that are big in the media and critiquing new legislation. Scott writes concise but thorough articles from a knowledgeable and trustworthy perspective – he has been a barrister for over 25 years after all!

6 - ‘Future of Law’ Blog by LexisNexis -

There is a vast amount of advice for students on the LexisNexis’ ‘Future of Law’ blog, including how to prepare for a legal career in 2022, information about the newest and most employable areas of law (i.e., legal tech) as well as study advice and techniques. From LLB and LPC survival guides to insights into life working in specific law firms, if you need advice on any part of the legal industry, this blog will have the answer!

7 - Inner Temple Library -

The Inner Temple library is a law library in London which provides solicitors, barristers and judges as well as students on the Bar Professional Training Course with legal materials. The website has a handy blog section, which updates frequently, displaying changes to legislation, recent UK decisions, as well as current legal news. This is a great resource to stay up to date with any new changes to the law. In addition, citing recent case law in your essays and exams will definitely impress your tutors at law school!

8 - The Legal Cheek Journal -

If you have not heard of the Legal Cheek, then you must be living under a rock because this blog is everywhere on social media! These posts come from people at all stages of their legal career and are mostly opinion-based articles on current legal topics. Again, these articles are a good way to gain new perspectives on current legal issues or debates, keep up your commercial awareness and of course, learn a thing or two! The website also has resources to help you on your journey to becoming a solicitor as well as opportunities to attend virtual law fairs.

By Zoe Morrison



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