Your Job Search Just Got Easier: WhatsApp Job Alerts

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Your Job Search Just Got Easier: WhatsApp Job Alerts

Stay ahead of the competition with our new WhatsApp Job Alert feature, helping you discover the positions you are looking for swiftly and easily.

What Is a Job Alert? 

Our job alerts are a convenient and useful tool that notifies you of job openings matching your criteria straight to your WhatsApp, providing you with ease and convenience in your job searching and saving you the trouble of searching for ideal job opportunities.

Why Should I Use Them? 

Our feature allows you to take control by setting keywords, salary, job role, industry, and location, ensuring that we only deliver the positions most relevant to your criteria, sparing you from the hassle of sifting through endless positions which are not tailored to your specific criteria by displaying vacancies which match perfectly with the role that you are seeking.

Job Alerts also allow you to find out more about certain roles if you are unsure of the exact position that you are interested in. You can list a few keywords that describe the type of role you think you might be interested in, from there you can create multiple job alerts which are relevant to your key terms.

Aside from the obvious convenience of job alerts, your WhatsApp alerts will equip you with the advantage of staying ahead of the competition by being an early applicant as our tool sends you the latest roles matching your criteria. Being an early applicant may increase the likelihood of your application being noticed and prioritised, as many recruiters will find suitable candidates in the first batch of applications.

Our job alerts are also useful for those who are passively job searching. If you are currently employed and are unsure as to whether you are ready to leave your current job, you may still be interested in receiving new career opportunities without the effort of having to mine through unsuited vacancies. If you are simply looking to monitor the market, our tool will ensure that you never miss an opportunity.

Our tool provides additional layers of convenience with the level of specificity it offers. You can narrow down your search by salary bracket, employee benefits and even working hours. With this level of precision, you can expect to be matched with vacancies that suit exactly what you are seeking.

How Do I Create a Job Alert? 

Job alerts provide a major advantage to your job search, offering a convenient method to help you discover your ideal job role. Get started today by creating a WhatsApp job alert here.

All that is required on your end is to set the criteria for your ideal job role into our system. You will only need to do this once, and then you can rely on our feature to do the work for you, saving you plenty of time scouring job searching sites.

By Jess Baxter



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