Best In-House Legal Jobs

Legal In-House Legal Jobs

An In-House lawyer will work for/ on behalf of an organization or company and will be employed directly by them. Contrastingly private practice lawyers work for a variety of clients on differing cases.

Legal In-House Job Market

The legal in-house job market is currently in a confusing state. On one side law graduates are highly desired and this is reflected by salaries as they are currently at their highest with the average graduate salary sitting at around £50,000. However, the field is highly competitive, especially in regards to entry-level In-House legal jobs. Desirable companies find themselves overwhelmed by applications as recent graduates find themselves competing to stand out in applications for the best in-house legal jobs. According to the Law Society, there are an estimated 31,000 In-House solicitors actively practicing, this makes up an estimated 25% of solicitors in England and Wales.  

Advantages of In-House Legal Jobs

By remaining with one company and working on similar issues, an individual will gain a detailed experience of their chosen field/company. This can make them extremely desirable to the right companies and lead to further career prospects in the same/similar field of work.
In-House Solicitors are usually paid an annual salary without fixed hourly requirements; many see this as an advantage as it helps to promote work-life balance as well as carrying other benefits such as a fixed work schedule.
Working In-House can often earn generate more job satisfaction as it allows individuals to see cases through from start to finish as well as see the company progress over time.
58% of the In-House legal population are women which can be seen as an advantage that highlights the progressive nature of the field.  

The Future of In-House Jobs

Despite many companies recognising the advantages of offering In-House jobs, the amount of training contracts offered by companies is still vastly lower than those offered by firms. With all of the advantages stated above it is obvious to see why In-House legal jobs in are in such high demand-creating a highly competitive field, especially over placements offered in city areas. The number of In-House legal opportunities are increasing at an estimated 4.4%  annually which indicates that In-House positions will become more prominent within the field of law. Furthermore, it is estimated that the number of In-House legal jobs has tripled.

over the past 20 years, indicating that this field will only continue to grow in the future.  Overall, these factors indicate the growth of In-House legal opportunities but also highlight that more organisations and companies need to considering offering opportunities as there is severe lack of training contracts offered within this field.



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