Landing a Graduate Job

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Landing a Graduate Job

It is irrefutable that landing a graduate job after university has been hard for every cohort ceaselessly due to the highly competitive graduate job market and overabundance of qualified individuals. However, the pandemic has caused the job market to be bleaker than ever, perhaps hitting the Class of 2020/21 hardest where many expressed to have experienced a difficult time securing post-graduate jobs.

Yet, there are still practices graduates should adopt in order to success against all odds, regarding the exceptionally overwhelming job searching process under this discouraging time. Students should fully utilize university career support and services and attend as much career fairs and employability talks as possible. One should bear in mind to target firms, not jobs — do not underestimate small beginnings, entry-level positions often expect less, almost tailored for graduates with little to no job experience. Graduates should accumulate experiences and strengthen their employability skills from the bottom of the career ladder and progress step by step. The career fairs and seminars are also platforms for students to network as much as possible, students should ask alumnus for a job referral when possible; talk to hiring managers and inquire about job opportunities and the company’s culture; take advisors’ words into consideration and customize their CVs and cover letters for every application; and connect with everyone they conversed with on LinkedIn (You can observe the sample CV and Cover Letter to help you tailor your application).As daunting as it may be to flaunt ourselves and step out of our comfort zones, networking is deemed one of the most efficient ways to secure job opportunities.

Job application is renowned for being a job in itself, hence graduates should follow a routine and dedicate and hour or two each day for job searching and Create an Alert for graduate jobs so you are always the first one know when a new opportunity arises. Graduates should maintain a consistent routine and hold themselves accountable for their endeavours in job seeking.

Summing up with banality, when there’s a will, there’s a way. To upcoming graduates: do not let your employment and achievements define you, and remember, you are not alone!

By Kathy Cheung



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