Scholarship Applications for Law School

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Scholarship Applications for Law School


Going to law school is a costly affair for most people, especially if you are an international applicant. However, to fulfil your dreams of studying in a reputable law school without burying yourself in student loans is not impossible. If you are proactive, act smart, and apply for scholarships in a timely manner, you could live your dreams of going to law school. This blog gives a brief insight into what you should consider when applying for scholarships for law school.


A Thorough Research

The importance of research cannot be emphasised enough. It would help if you were thorough in your research to find out in advance about the scholarships available to you and the timeline for making those applications. It would be best if you looked into international and national organisations that offer scholarships. Then, study university scholarships and fellowship programmes and then research in-depth to find out about scholarships available to students applying for selected courses, selected nationalities, and selected socio-economic backgrounds. You must cross-reference everything and see that you have created a detailed chart of the possible scholarships you could apply to in the given academic year.


Start Early

Many scholarship deadlines are a year in advance, and some close much early. At times you would be likely to submit a scholarship application before the application for law school. Some scholarships demand an offer letter from the law school at the time of application. Leaving scholarship applications to the last moment would not be such a great idea as the options would be limited and competition much higher. It is smart to keep track of the timeline of the scholarship applications. Even if you are applying two years later, it is better to tabulate and comprehend the process in advance; it would save you time and keep you calm as you would be well-versed with the procedure and the application requirements.


Convincing and Original Tale to Tell

A mistake that applicants often commit while writing their statement of purpose of a personal essay is trying to fit into the perception of an ideal scholar from the board’s perspective. They often let go of their originality, their struggles, and achievements. We all have a story within ourselves, and if you are passionate about law school, you must give that story a voice. The people reading the essays are experienced evaluators who can see through pretence, hyperbole, and falsification. They read thousands of applications each year and are capable of differentiating original from a fake. To make an exact point, you have to tell what you truly believe in and tell your tale.


Target the eligibility criteria

In general, the scholarship criteria mention what they are looking for in candidates. Your story should not just make you stand out but also make you fit in the eligibility criteria. If specific keywords are used or certain characteristics emphasised on the scholarship brochure, pay attention to them. Carve your essay in a way that showcases those qualities in you and your work. Cite examples and experiences and try to elaborate on each claim you make with some evidence. It is not enough to say ‘I have leadership qualities,’ but you must substantiate your claim with past experiences where you demonstrated your leadership skills. Without illustrations, you might come across as boastful and ingenuine.  Be specific when you can.



In short, ensure the scholarship applications are able to present you as the person as you would like them to know you as. Start your research early and do it thoroughly. It is a tedious and challenging task but let your end goal of attending the law school keep you motivated. Ask for help from your seniors, faculty, or other people who have taken the same course. Be flexible, original, and do not be afraid to tell your story because you are worth it.


By Prerna Deep



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