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The Legists – Lawyer Profile

Felicity studied in St. Stephen’s Girls’ College, Hong Kong before attending Marlborough College in the United Kingdom for A-Levels. She pursued her law degree at King’s College London, before graduating with a LLM in Banking and Finance at University College London.

The plan of becoming a qualified solicitor in Hong Kong prompted her to pursue the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL) at University of Hong Kong. With a huge interest in litigation, Felicity sat mostly in litigation departments. Her career journey started as a trainee solicitor at P.C. Woo & Co, a long-established domestic firm in Hong Kong, at the litigation branch. After qualification, she then moved to an IPO seat before returning to the litigation department.

After working at P.C. Woo & Co. for approximately 6 years, Felicity went to Deacons, the largest local law firm in Hong Kong. She sat at the Commercial Litigation and Arbitration department from 2012 to 2019.

After a short break in 2019, Felicity continued her legal career as a partner at Adrian Lau & Yim Lawyers, where she was invited to start a new litigation practice. She was the Head of the Litigation Department till April 2022.

Felicity is now currently a litigation partner at K.B. Chau & Co.

Why Did You Want To Pursue Your Career In This Particular Practice Area?

My interest in law was sparked in Grade 11, as I was inspired by my uncle who was a solicitor. He believed that I possessed the qualities suitable to work in the legal industry and particularly, in the litigation field.

I personally believe it is very important for law students to communicate with people in the legal profession. This will help them understand more about the industry, including the qualities needed to pursue a career in a particular legal practice area..

Do You Have Any Tips For Law Students Who Are Going To Attend Vacation Schemes This Summer?

I have two tips for law students who are attending vacation schemes this summer. Firstly, make good observations – observe why and how particular lawyers are successful. For example, as a junior lawyer, I had noticed that certain partners were at the office very early in the morning. I could recall observing some partners were at their offices at 8am, preparing for their work to be completed on that day. (Normally, people in Hong Kong start working at 9am)

Secondly, don’t be afraid to ask questions when facing difficulties. More often than not, lawyers and partners are willing to answer queries from summer students. Do spend some time chatting with legal colleagues from different teams as well, to gain more knowledge about the operation of the legal industry. I would suggest keeping in contact with the lawyers you meet, as they might be able to provide you with advice and support as you move up in your legal career.

Why Did You Want To Become a Solicitor?

I love socialising and being a solicitor provides me with various opportunities to face clients directly. During daily business conservations, I am able to communicate and give legal advice to them. Comparatively, for barristers, their jobs are more about exploring the law and defining legal terms, instead of getting in touch with clients. Therefore, as I have an outgoing personality, I prefer being a solicitor rather than a barrister.

Another reason is my passion for solving problems. As a senior solicitor, I provide legal advice and potential solutions to my clients on a daily basis. A high level of satisfaction after solving each case gives rise to my continuous dedication to work as a solicitor.

What Qualities Do Firms Look For When Hiring Candidates?

There are 4 important qualities firms look for when they are hiring candidates. Firstly, candidates should appear presentable and dress properly at the workplace. Normally at law firms, formal business attire is required. Additionally, candidates who share the same core values with the firms and can potentially fit into the firms’ culture have a higher possibility of being hired. Each law firm has their own unique core principles and culture, so students should take note of these things before their interview.

Furthermore, candidates should be proactive, instead of passive. Often, firms look for students who are motivated and who will take the initiative to ask questions and complete tasks. Last but not least, candidates who show passion and eagerness to join the firm will stand out. Expressing your interest in the firm and the position is likely to be favoured by the recruitment team.

What Is Your Favourite Part Of Being a Lawyer?

I like that my litigation practice can apply the knowledge and skills I learned in my LL.B. course. Moreover, I like being a lawyer as there are numerous opportunities to for me to communicate with people from all walks of life. As a litigation solicitor, I often work in teams, which is also something I enjoy.

Lastly, high satisfaction after handling cases makes me enjoy being a lawyer. For example, when I was in the IPO department, I was excited every time my clients got successfully listed. I would also celebrate this success with my colleagues.

What Are The Most Significant Challenges Faced In Your Career Journey?

I faced different challenges throughout my career journey. As a junior solicitor, the most significant challenge was learning technical skills to be able to complete my assigned tasks.

While as a senior solicitor, the challenging part became building trust and good relations with clients and developing skills to explain cases to them.

Senior lawyers must ensure high-quality legal services are provided, not only by giving technical legal advice, but by also explaining the weaknesses of their situations. Thus, the biggest challenge is building good relations and developing persuasive communication skills.

Written by: Leah Ho



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