The Longevity of Short-Term Online Law Courses

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The pandemic has caused significant disruption in day to day life of students. Online courses have emerged as saviours in such difficult times. Short-term online law courses provide a greater understanding of a specific area of law and help you create a more diverse and skills-based CV. The structure of short-term online law courses is compact, flexible, and a great way to boost professional qualities.


Various online platforms are conducting self-paced short term online legal courses; some of them are:



  • Flexibility 

The convenience of studying and learning at your own time and pace with quality educational resources is invaluable. You can have access to a great variety of courses, just a touch away. The classes are created in a way that does not require rigorous work or time commitment but can be easily scheduled between busy lives while providing knowledge in your areas of interest. 

  • Cost-effective

As there are no physical or overhead costs associated with online courses, they are cheaper than taking an on-campus short term course. They will not burn a hole in your pockets or bury you under student loans. Online law courses are an inexpensive approach to education and skill development. Some online law courses are also free with limited access or free without certification if you are interested in just learning without a degree or certificate.

  • Self - Paced

The self-paced characteristic of online learning empowers you to study in a way that best suits you. You can watch the video a hundred times if you need more clarity on a subject or pause to take notes whenever you want. There are discussion forums and other features to download transcripts, videos, and other types of learning material. Studying on your own also eliminates any unwanted hostility or competitive atmosphere that may inhibit your comprehension abilities. You can reread crucial points and take as much time as needed to comprehend the subject at hand. 

  • Great Addition to CV

Undertaking an online law course highlights your interest in the subject matter and your motivation to learn. It reflects your time management and commitment towards your professional goals. It also shows you are well-versed in technological development. Not only does it showcase your IT competencies but also that you have a passion for utilising your time to multitask and acquire new knowledge and skills.  Online law courses may also be a good focal point in your job interviews where you may have a chance to further discuss your areas of interest with a recruiter. Overall, short-term online courses are a great addition to your CV. 

  • Career Development

Gaining learning experience from accredited resource platforms can provide an upper hand or act as a career boost  for professionals looking to accelerate their career, which can attract higher salary packages and incentives. Working professionals need to undertake these courses to gain a better knowledge of subjects that would increase the probabilities of career advancement or simply to help them maintain up-to-date knowledge of current trends in their chosen field. It shows the employer you are continuously devoted to your work and striving hard for your prospects. Short term courses also provide a base to network with fellow students, connect with people in the field and other working professionals.

  • Learning Resources

An added advantage of online learning is the educational resources provided. The resources are compact, well structured, and often downloadable, ensuring you can go back to your resources even after the course access has expired in order to keep applying the knowledge in the relevant field. You can revisit the recorded lectures as per your convenience. The learning resources are also often easily accessible and navigable.


Travelling for education has become increasingly tricky amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Short term online law programmes provide a new way to invest your time and remain productive. It offers quality education without the unfamiliar setting of a new classroom or requiring you to relocate. They provide a boost to law students as well as working professionals. One important aspect to consider while pursuing online courses is to complete it from accredited and reputable sources. The changes in the system require a constant up-gradation of skills. To keep pace with the competitive environment of the legal industry, short-term online courses provide an excellent opportunity to enhance your CV and develop new skills. 

By Prerna Deep



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