What Thomas Did Lawyer’s Injury Claim Fails Over Exaggerated Injuries

What Thomas Did Lawyer’s Injury Claim Fails Over Exaggerated Injuries
In late March 2023, the County Court sitting in the historical Welsh city of Cardiff handed down its decision to throw out the claim put forward by a legal professional operating in the jurisdiction of England and Wales in the wake of a road accident whereby evidence seemed to suggest that she had exaggerated the extent of the injuries she purported to have sustained. 

What Happened In The Case?

All appear to have been going swimmingly for the legal professional who found herself at the heart of the proceedings and on the facts of the case as she appears to have been working as a non-practicing lawyer for a considerable period.  However, her career success appears to have come crashing down one fateful day when she was caught up in an incident involving herself whereby a third-party vehicle in non-moving traffic collided with her car. The accident caused the legal professional to report damage to her body specifically to the soft tissue of her shoulders, back, neck, and head area of her person. The legal professional also communicated that it had resulted in considerable psychological trauma which appears to impact her life. She also claimed to be suffering from the symptoms right up to the present day in the form of experiencing pain, issues with her mobility, and ability to carry out her day-to-day activities.   
The action was taken against the legal professional as the investigators acting on behalf of the insurance company for the at-fault driver appeared to have been cynical over the injuries the legal professional had suffered to her body in the incident, of the length of time they were taking to heal and were dubious over the fact that she had had the seeming audacity to submit her claim to the county court astonishingly more than thirty-six months following the accident. The legal professional even made the staggering claim that the damage inflicted upon her person was still ongoing at this late stage in proceedings. When the insurance company received the notification of this claim it appears to have felt compelled to launch a probe into what had happened in the aftermath of the incident. When it did so it discovered compelling evidence that seemed to suggest that the legal professional had wilfully exaggerated the extent of the damage inflicted upon her person in the accident.

Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out…

When the judge sitting in the County Court in Cardiff reviewed the evidence presented to him he appears to have decided to pour cold water over her claim that the symptoms she sustained in the accident a matter of some thirty-six before the incident were persisting to the present day. He commented that the legal professional had communicated with the insurance company, an independent medical expert, and later the county court a pack of lies which was found to be the case on the balance of probabilities. It found the legal professional to have acted in a devious way. On this basis, the court unceremoniously threw out her claim.   

Lessons Learned?

Lawyers need to be taking on board the lessons of the case and taking the following steps: 
-    avoid exaggerating damage sustained in accidents
-    acting with honesty and integrity at all times
-    not submitting claims outside the limitation period and
-    think twice before claiming to have ongoing injuries three years after involvement in an accident.  
If you have experienced something similar, or have an opposing viewpoint, please kindly leave a comment on the article or contact us.  
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