Building a Career as a Public Sector Lawyer

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Building a Career as a Public Sector Lawyer

Starting a career as a public sector lawyer within the UK offers a unique range of challenges, satisfaction, and societal impact. For those drawn to the legal industry, this sector presents diverse opportunities, from roles in government departments to positions within local councils. This guide from The Legists will explore the various facets of public sector law jobs, offering insights into legal careers and guidance on navigating this rewarding path. 

Understanding Public Sector Lawyer Jobs 

At its core, public sector lawyers focus on areas that affect the everyday lives of citizens. This role encompasses a range of disciplines including human rights, environmental law, and public health. Lawyers in this field often find themselves at the forefront of significant societal issues, shaping policies and regulations. 

Opportunities Abound 

The UK's public sector is vast, offering a range of legal roles. Lawyers can find themselves drafting legislation, advising government bodies, or representing the state in legal proceedings. These roles are not just confined to London; opportunities are scattered across the UK, affording geographical diversity. 

A Career with Impact 

One of the most compelling aspects of a public sector legal career is the direct impact on society. Lawyers in this field play a crucial role in upholding justice, influencing policy, and ensuring the fair application of laws. Their work often has far-reaching consequences, which could even affect generations to come. 

Diverse Career Paths 

Public sector law is extremely diverse. It offers various career paths, from advisory roles in government departments to litigation-focused positions. Some lawyers may choose to specialise in specific areas such as employment law, while others may opt for a more generalist approach. 

Skills and Qualifications 

To thrive in public sector law, a lawyer needs a robust set of skills. Strong analytical abilities, excellent communication skills, and a deep understanding of legal principles are crucial. Qualifications of a public lawyer typically include a law degree followed by practical legal training. 

Finding Your Fit 

Identifying the right role in public sector lawyer can be a journey. It involves understanding your own strengths and interests and considering the best path accordingly. Do you enjoy the dynamism of courtroom advocacy? Or do you prefer the intricacies of policy formulation? Answering these questions is key to carving out your career path. 

Navigating the Job Market 

The job market for public sector lawyers can be competitive. Staying informed about legal vacancies and networking are crucial strategies to keep up to date. Engaging with legal recruitment agencies like The Legists can further provide valuable insights and guidance. 

The Reward of Service 

Perhaps the most gratifying aspect of a career in public sector law is the sense of service. Lawyers in this field are not just working for a paycheck; they are often contributing to the betterment of society. 

Accepting the Change 

The legal landscape is constantly evolving. Public sector lawyers must be adaptable, staying abreast of changes in laws and regulations. This dynamism keeps this unique career path interesting and challenging. 


A career in public sector law is more than just a job; it is a commitment to public service and justice. The vast variety of roles and the impact on society make it an attractive choice for legal professionals. For those aspiring to make a difference through their legal career, a public sector lawyer role offers a fulfilling path. 



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