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In mid-December 2022, the Chartered Institute of Professional Development and Employment Recruitment Agency Reed published the results of its report which was entitled ‘Inclusion at Work 2022’ in which it found that approximately fifty-per-cent of those businesses employing members of the workforce appear on the facts not to have any policies, procedures or any form of the game plan in position governing the issue of equality. 

Survey Sample?

As with all polls, the organizers approached more than those who hold key responsibilities for the recruitment, employment, and retention of members of the workforce do actually have in position a strategy on Inclusion and Diversity or what was loosely described as a standalone scheme which has been absorbed into their respective organizations. In yet more positive news those businesses in the latter category who have put such equality practices in position, more than assess, appraise and gauge how successful such a scheme has been. Many seek to find areas where they can be improved.  

Proactive Or Reactive?

The questions asked whether their tactics on equality, inclusion, and diversity were proactive or a reaction. Whilst approximately three-quarters submitted answers in which they claimed to be proactive in their approach in this regard, interestingly around one-quarter of those survey respondents approached remarks that they were wholly or partly reactive when it comes to equality, inclusion, and diversity. Just shy of forty percent of businesses approached commented that they currently had no strategy for the half-decade which aims to combat equality, diversity, and inclusion. The producers of the survey results put forward their view that this appears to have moved the needle in terms of the area. This was because a meager five percent of businesses approached made the remarks that they had decided not to put any emphasis upon the area of diversity, inclusion, and equality in the intervening period of the previous half-decade.    

So What Have Businesses Been Focussing On Over the Past Half Decade?

Those businesses who submitted answers to the organizers of the survey revealed were they have been concentrating their efforts on inclusion equality and diversity over the past half a decade from the results were quite revealing. many comments said that they had been making a concerted effort to put a greater emphasis on the following workplace issues, including but not limited to the following:

  • around 30% of respondents emphasized the importance of safeguarding the mental health of the workforce

  • approximately one-quarter had targeted the area of ethnicity and race and

  • about one-fifth of those who responded commented that gender had been a top priority. 

Everything Has Changed…

When the organizers of the survey approached influencers across industry organizations and asking them for their opinions on the priorities for the next half-decade, the respondents appeared to confirm that the same three issues of diversity equality, and inclusion were seemingly top of the agenda. In this regard, 

  • mental health, 

  • gender, and

  • ethnicity and race 

were in the top three issues. However, the research revealed that over the next five years there is likely to be an average 7% decrease in the number of firms making them a priority.  

So How Should Employers Respond To The Results Of This Survey?

Corporations absorbing the message of this report should be reducing the probability of these disappointing results from occurring in future years by assisting members of the workforce from a diversity, equality, and inclusion standpoint by:

  • strategically

  • proactively and 

  • having assessed the collated evidence. 

This will lower the probability of such results being repeated in further years. 


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