85% of the Workforce Target Career Development in Job Search

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A new report published by Docebo has made several observations that are food for thought for businesses across all industries that are in the process of potentially recruiting new staff members. The main headline figure which grabbed the attention of the business community and added readers who sought to peruse the report was the finding that just short of 85% of the workforce was of the opinion that career development was of prime importance to them and appears to be a significant driver which seems to underlie their decisions to seek potential employment with prospective businesses and organizations. 

Our Survey Said…

This statistic appears to have grabbed the main headline figure of the new report by Docebo, however, there were more statistics revealed which were of interest to those persons who are inquisitive regarding this area. in a bit more detail the report revealed the following statistics, including but not limited to:

  • just shy of 70 percent of those approached for their opinion commented that they would weigh up their career progression options with their current employer within the next year if assistance and support on learning and development and career progression were removed from the company’s budget. 

  • one potential solution put forward by the organizers was that of a decent internal development and learning scheme potentially being provided by the respective employer would be viewed very persuasively indeed when the employees were weighing up their options before deciding whether to accept an employment offer. The report suggests that such initiatives would be important to some organizations, especially in staff retention. 

Giving me a Reason to Quit the Show? 

If the findings of the Docebo survey were not interesting enough before the disclosure of the above statistics, the organizers of the respective survey delved into slightly more detail regarding the reasoning behind respective members of staff taking the difficult decision to terminate their employment over the past nine months. Curiously the survey results appeared to have revealed that approximately seventy-five percent of members of the United Kingdom workforce had commented that the main driver as to why they had made such a seemingly rash decision was based primarily on insufficient compensation. the second most popular reason as to why members of the United Kingdom workforce word deciding to throw the towel in with their employer and leave for pastures new appears to have been the perceptive mismanagement of the respective organization providing the person with employment. Third, on the list and by no means less important than the first two was the reported figure of just over thirty percent of those approached to offer their perspective made remarks regarding a lack of resources in the working environment were viewed as the main driver for considering such action.  

Way Forward?

Businesses across all industries would do well to be absorbing the message delivered through the publication of this report by Docebo and consider taking the following approach:

  • ensuring that the staff are paid a reasonable wage for the respective work tasks duties and the role they are carrying out within their organizations

  • reviewing their organizations identifying there any persons carrying out management duties are falling short of the required standard, providing the required support to gain the skills for them to raise their game and become better managers and

  • listening to the concerns of staff in terms of a poorly resourced working environment, allocating monies to fill this need making sure they have all the tools and resources in place for the workforce to be more productive. 

Written By Adam Green   


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