95 Percent Of Staff Lose Focus In Meetings

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95 Percent Of Staff Lose Focus In Meetings

A survey conducted by Human Resources Direct has made a number of concerning findings. It found that ninety-five percent of contributors to the survey reported losing consciousness during meetings. This appears to have resulted in sections of respective meetings being lost. The survey also found discovered that around percent of persons were prone to falling asleep and losing consciousness during meetings.

Live Career has found that members of the workforce considered that an excess of percent of meetings was pointless, unproductive, and useless. The higher a person ascends the company ladder the more likely they are to attend more meetings.

What Did The Survey Involve?

The results of a survey are only as good as the sample size, quality, and range of persons asked to contribute to the survey. In true Family Fortunes or Family Feud for any readers in the United States of America, the organizers of the survey approach over one thousand persons to request their opinion on the following important matters:

  • the problems concerning meetings and
  • any redeeming, positives and advantages to meetings

So How Many Meetings Are Held?

It seems mindblowing to those reading this article but there are not long short of sixty million meetings held in workplaces all over the United States of America every week. This equates to a daily rate of just shy of twelve million meetings taking place each working day. The meetings can vary in terms of their style, type, and the ways they can be conducted including:

  • dealing with matters which can range from the crucial to the insignificant and
  • ranging from chaotic and stressful atmospheres to orderly and energizing

What Did The Survey Involve?

Opinion compiled by research group Atlassian discovered that standard members of the workforce think that fifty percent of the just under seventy monthly meetings are considered to be a fool’s errand.

Our Survey Said?

The survey found that:

  • around percent frequented meetings which were of a duration of between four and ten hours
  • around percent attended between four and seven hours per week
  • just under thirty-five parts in seven to ten hours of meetings weekly

Does Experience Matter?

Interestingly the results of the survey found that there was a direct correlative and causative relationship between the experience compiled and accrued by members of the workforce and the time spent attending meetings. Forty-four of staff members who had accrued between six years and half a decade of experience had a higher probability of attending between seven to ten hours per week. In stark contrast, those members of the workforce who had compiled between one and two years of experience spent significantly fewer amounts of their working week in meetings in comparison.

Long and the Short of It?

The survey found that

  • percent of meetings were significantly increasing in time duration
  • around thirty-five communicated their belief that the meetings were shorter and
  • cents were of the view that the length of time had not changed

How Long Are People’s Attention Spans?... What?

There was a range of responses provided to this question. Around percent of persons who answered the questions percent of those interviewees lost alertness after forty minutes and a modest five percent lost attentiveness at the sixty-minute mark. Of the interviewees who responded communicated that they would stop listening after thirty minutes. A staggering ninety-six percent of those organizing meetings lost the attention of the listening audience. Tim Cook from Livecareer commented on his observations on the correlative relationship between the longer duration of meetings and positive productivity.

Written By Adam Green

The Legists Content Team


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