Could we Create a Superwoman

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Could We Create a Superwoman?

What Just Happened?

SeqOne Genomics, a French digital health start-up specialising in genomic analysis solutions for personalised medicine, has announced a €20 million Series A funding round. Genomic medicine is an emerging medical discipline that involves the use of a person's genomic (individual medical) information as part of their clinical care.

What Does This Mean?

Genomic medication assesses risk, identifying an individual's susceptibility to suffer from particular injuries such as high cholesterol or vein deficiencies. This knowledge means they can manage risk through medications, medical interventions, or positive lifestyle changes.

The market for medical modification is increasingly growing and has been subject to a high level of innovation. For example, Genetika+ is developing a test kit to find the optimal combination of antidepressants or drugs for a particular patient. The company can then digitally send personal recommendations to the user's doctor.

Linking this to the life insurance industry, the Code on Genetic Testing and Insurance has banned the mandating of predictive testing prior to the issuing of life insurance. The government has currently limited predictive testing to identify only potential huntingtins disease. Arguably, this limits discrimination and ensures an individual can access life insurance.

What is the Impact on the Legal Sector?

Recently, law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer has expanded its life sciences and technology sector in the United States by adding two partners from leading firm Arnold & Porter. The financial commitment is for their excellent records on transactional matters, such as strategic licensing and multi-company supply chain agreements. The strategy aims to expand the firm's offerings in pharmaceutical, biotech, and emerging medical technology and digital health areas.

It has been announced companies developing in-vitro diagnostics, devices that enable an individual to examine their internal organs, may be granted respite from impending EU regulations. It was estimated over 53% of the industry had conducted little third-party due diligence, with the European Commission heeding calls to cushion the timeframe up until 2027. New companies operating in this emerging field are subject to regulations from May 2022. This has led to the argument that an unfair and restrictive market has been created as current companies may consolidate themselves in the market before being strictly subject to regulations.

Despite the loss of experienced partners, Arnold and Porter have recently worked on the $50 million acquisition of Rewrite Therapeutics by Intellia Therapeutics. The company sold specialised in tools for genome editing, including DNA recording. The technology allows for a range of precise editing strategies. These strategies include fixes, insertions, targeted deletions, and a full range of single nucleotide modifications that could provide new ways to modify disease-causing genes and expand the therapeutic use of genomic drugs.

Ultimately, the scale of this emerging sector can be evidenced by the sheer scale of the acquisitions and deals, where products are currently just ideas, concepts and remain in development.



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