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Free Online Legal Professional Courses

Nowadays there are an increasing number of students wishing to become legal professionals, as a result, there is a higher level of competition when applying to internships, vacation schemes, and training contracts therefore it is essential to stand out. One perfect way of doing this is by gaining experience in the law through free online legal courses, this article will outline the choices available out there and where you can get a head start on your legal career.


Forage, formerly known as Inside Sherpa, is a free website offering legal experience from a range of the biggest and most successful law firms in the world. Law firms such as Linklaters, Baker McKenzie, and White & Case all provide programmes immersing you in the legal sector, the programmes all place you in the position of an associate at the firm. You get given a task and any relevant documents then you get to experience an associate’s life at the firm, you will be provided with a range of tasks that will strengthen your skills and make you a more skilled lawyer.

Tasks include:

  • Leaving voicemails, emails, and correspondence for fictitious clients
  • Analysing contracts and other documents such as non-disclosure agreements
  • Carrying out legal research into client issues, alternative dispute resolutions, new pieces of legislation, and much more

The Forage programmes generally last between 5-8 hours and can be done at your own pace. Furthermore, each task also allows you the opportunity to compare your work to real work done by the lawyers of the firm. The site only requires an email address to sign up and can be accessed by anyone at any age and is great for those just entering the law or for the law who are already experienced and want to diversify themselves.

Overall Forage is a great platform for those wanting to get experience in the legal sector.


Coursera offers free courses for those wanting to expand their knowledge of the law, top leading universities and corporate institutions offer free learning on this site. The University of London offers courses such as “Introduction to English Common Law” and other topics that delve more in-depth into certain topics. Furthermore, there are also courses teaching skills, there are multiple negotiation and researching courses available for those wishing to enhance and refine their legal skills.

The website boasts a high satisfaction rate and offers something unique that will set you apart from others.

Open Learn – The Open University

Similarly, to the above, Open Learn offers free courses that take around 3-24 hours to complete and vary in complexity. Courses such as ‘Company Law in Context’ and ‘Equity Finance’ are short courses that are perfect for those who want some experience in corporate law, these courses will expand your knowledge and enhance you as a legal professional. For those interested in boosting their commercial awareness and business mindset, Open Learn also offers business courses that can also be taken, a perfect to show your commitment to corporate law by dedicating yourself to not only being a legal professional but also a business-savvy lawyer.


Overall, there is a range of free resources online for those who wish to enter the law, the resources range from entry-level to those which are for more experienced individuals. Using these resources will make you a more well-rounded lawyer and will benefit any applications you write.



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