How to Plan Office Christmas Party the Remote Working Way

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How to Plan Office Christmas Party the Remote Working Way?

The festivities for reeling in the first year of the new decade are close by, and we are excited to share this time with our loved ones. After all, the holiday season is something each of us looks forward to, but the pandemic making a comeback into our lives are likely to have jittered a few things up. Given the present state of affairs, most of us in the working ecosystem might not be able to join our colleagues and plan a Christmas party together.

However, much like everything else holiday celebrations have also been adapted as per the “new normal” way. For a majority of us working remotely, we have come overcome the initial challenges and get a good grip of managing almost everything from our homes. Now that the holiday season is close by, we can try and roll up our sleeves and throw a perfect office Christmas party virtually (yes, you heard that right!) by taking up a few tips.

Holiday Games: Amidst the debate of whether the intrusive influence of the internet has been good or bad for us, one thing is certain – we need to thank the Internet for the catchy online games. Be an entertaining host by starting off your Christmas party with some games online such as online holiday bingo, virtual scavenger hunt, etc. These games can be easily hosted over online connecting platforms and can be very engaging. Remember to “gift card” the winners.

Holiday Playlists: No party is ever complete without the inclusion of some interesting music. Make sure to keep the spirits high with your playlists and break into a dance or too. You can even try caroling karaoke. Even if only connected virtually, you can never go wrong with the right music by your side.

Festive Ornaments: It can be challenging to not be actually around your close ones this Christmas and missing out on all the days of preparation leading up to Christmas. But here is the good news! You can completely make up for it by doing something together over virtual calls such as designing festive ornaments together to put them up at your place. You do not have to be absolutely crafty to this because all you need is the enthusiasm and a few knick-knacks to get your home festive-season ready. You can also exchange ornament kits beforehand to let each other know what you are planning on making.

Holiday Dinner: A good party essentially relates to a good time and good food. Yes, it is definitely plausible to order dinners for your colleagues but at the very essence of Christmas is preparing a decadent meal. This could be done in different ways – each of you could choose to make a unique recipe on your own or you can decide on a bunch of recipes beforehand and prepare them. You can compare your recipes with each other and see how they have turn out, or you can even learn a secret tip or ingredient from your coworkers as to how they went ahead with the recipe.

Christmas is about spreading the warmth and love. So, while you may not be able to hold a bash that everyone can attend in person, you can still have a great time with the remote Christmas party ideas.



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