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A Costs Draftsman or costs lawyer deals with costs associated with legal matters. Costs draftsman are instructed to ensure clients are properly charged for their solicitor’s work or where a dispute has arisen. The Legists can help in your job hunt by receiving daily job alerts of new Costs Draftman job and sign up to our create an alert service.

Birmingham, West Midlands
2 years + PQE
£25000 - £35000 per annum
Posted 13.04.2021 (89 days remaining)
City of London, London
3 years + PQE
£50000 - £70000 per annum +
Posted 24.03.2021 (69 days remaining)
West End, London
2 years + PQE
£50000 - £70000 per annum +
Posted 24.03.2021 (69 days remaining)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a costs draftsman?

A costs draftsman is a lawyer who specialises in setting legal costs for court cases. They curate detailed assessments of costs for any kind of legal matter. Some tasks performed by them include preapring bills and schedules of costs, preparing costs budgets, act as a costs mediator in cost disputes, and offer advise on costs disputes between clients and solicitors.

2. What is the difference between a costs draftsman and a costs lawyer?

A costs draftsman is a not qualified and therefore does not have the same rights as a costs lawyer to perform regulated activities. Draftsmen will not hold a practising certificate.

3. How do you become a costs lawyer?

To become a costs draftsman you must register with the Association of Costs Lawyers. In order to qualify, you will need to undergo a three year course which you will awarded a certificate of completion for finishing. Following which you must undertake a minimum of three years of relevant experience in costs law, called qualifying employment. Upon completion of these two elements, you can apply to for a Costs Lawyer with the Costs Lawyer Standards Board for a practising certificate under which you can perform reeserved legal activites such as conducting litigation and administering oaths.

4. What qualifications do you need to be a costs draftsman?

In order to undertake the three year training course, you need to have a minimum of four GCSEs including maths and English at grade 4. Without these GCSEs you may still be admitted based on an aptitude test. If you have a law degree you could be exempt from some of the modules in the training course.

5. Where do costs draftsmen work?

Most costs draftsmen work as employees in law firms of all sizes. A small number of spercialist barrister's chambers will also hire costs draftsmen. Costs lawyers can also set up their own independent costs company.