Reasons you should be considering working outside London

The Legists provides you with a few reasons of why you should consider working outside of London:

The Legists provides you with a few reasons of why you should consider working outside of London:

Massive candidate market – In London, you are quite literally a small fish in a big sea. The competition, while motivating, reduces your chances of landing your dream job; unfortunately, there is no lack of equally qualified individuals job-searching in London. Turn the odds to your favour by applying to jobs somewhere slightly less competitive. There is no shame in thinking smart and taking the “road less travelled” if it means that you are more likely to realise your ambitions. 

High cost of living – If you think that your university flat was dire, wait till you see what London has in store for you! As if high rent is not enough, the apartment or room that you get will be almost half the size that you could get elsewhere. Sure, the remuneration you get in London is comparatively higher, but if you have spent a single weekend in London, you would know how expensive it is to socialise and perform the most basic activities; ‘you may wish to enjoy life rather than just survive’. Instead of compromising good times and a decent living place, you could look outside the capital for opportunities. 

Time constriction – London is one of the world’s busiest city is no secret to anyone thinking of moving there. While it might create a lovely ambiance, it does result in a large amount of traffic, and hence wasted time. Not considering those who live outside London and have to commute to London on a daily basis for work, the transport-related issues are even graver within the city. Taking the Tube might help with getting to work more punctually, but it is still equally as infuriating with its congestion, particularly during peak commuter travel times. So, if you’re just a tad bit cluster-phobic or you do not consider yourself a morning person, you might want to expand your job search to other cities. Another time-related issue is queuing. Suppose you did earn enough money and happened to live in a decent place, while fortunate in that regard, it is almost impossible to have any time to enjoy it. Being one of the most popular tourist capitals of the world and a business centre means that the city is constantly people-infested. In other words, you will have to queue for heaps of time to accomplish absolutely anything - whether it was to get breakfast, lunch, or dinner, attend an event, concert, or game, and/or do your most basic grocery shopping. 

Alternative experience – While there is no doubt that a London job would push your limits, there are certain aspects of work that can only be experienced in smaller regions. Law firms in other thriving regions provide you with the ability to work in smaller teams; this means more responsibility, more room for learning, and therefore career progression. Keep in mind that not working in London does not equate to giving up a city-style work environment. Depending on the area that you wish to practice in, you can pick a city that hosts related opportunities. Also, countless London firms have offices all over the UK; Manchester, Bristol, Bath, Edinburgh… Eversheds Sutherland, for example, has an office in Birmingham, Dentons has an office in Aberdeen, and DLA Piper is in Sheffield. Check out this link for “big” firms with offices near you!

While London is dreamy and no doubt an incredible place to be, the “honeymoon stage” does ware off, and then you are stuck with reality. We hope you found our tips eye-opening and helpful in making an informed decision about your next career move! 



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