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Capital Markets Shark Tank

Securities/capital markets law is the area of practice of lawyers representing entities that issue securities to raise equity securities, security holders seeking to sell their securities, or banks and investment banks that list and sell such securities.

Issuance of securities means the sale of shares, interests, rights to purchase, warrants, options, shares or other equivalents or equity interests in any Person or any security, bond or similar instrument issued by any Person.

A capital market lawyer works with either a corporation (the "issuer" of the security) or an investment bank (the "underwriter" of the offer), but the goal of both parties in these transactions is to cooperate to ensure that the issuer and underwriters comply with the securities regulations, regulating capital markets, and provide companies with adequate financing by structuring securities on attractive terms for investors.

Capital markets and corporate governance attorneys can engage in securities financing transactions, assist companies in properly communicating with the markets and their clients, or guide corporate governance best practices. Working in this area enables lawyers to work well in public companies, where they continue to advise on corporate transactions and corporate governance. Attorneys in this practice area will also work with a variety of individuals who work internally for clients, including in-house legal teams, executives and boards of directors. Advocates in this practice area will work with client auditors and regulators (including the Securities and Exchange Commission), stock exchanges and various other financial regulators.

Throughout the year, lawyers in the field also help issuers prepare their annual, quarterly, and periodic reports, which are filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.they can also be expected to work on multiple high-profile IPOs across a variety of industries. While advising clients on all type of public and private financings, including initial public offerings, transactions in registered and unregistered securities, and issuance of investment grade and high yield debt securities.

The Sullivans Capital Markets Group represents public and private companies, investment banks and foreign companies trading or raising capital in the United States, with a focus on REITs, technology and biotechnology. It is vital to access the boards and executives of securities firms to ensure a plethora of financial services can be offered. Sullivans Capital Markets' clients include a wide range of public and private companies, foreign companies, and sources of equity and debt financing, such as banks, financial institutions, and individual or institutional investors. Their global capital markets team has extensive experience representing underwriters and issuers in all aspects of equity offerings across multiple jurisdictions, assisting clients with successful executions on major stock exchanges, NYSE and NASDAQ Initial and secondary public offerings, and concurrent private foreign offers, rights issues, recapitalisations, and liability management operations.

Capital Markets Group lawyers regularly advise international clients on Rule 144A/Regulation S and in relation to offerings of U.S. registered securities to private and foreign sovereign issuers.

Foley Hoags Capital Markets practice includes experts in critical areas, including tax, intellectual property, environment, social and governance (ESG), business and labour disputes, and securities litigation, to help clients achieve positive results in any situation.

There are many moving parties involved in capital market transactions, so it is very important to be efficient and effective in getting the job done, to look at things with curiosity to make sure everything makes sense for the details of a specific, eligible transaction. Capital markets fluctuate significantly depending on a number of factors, including recent funding, collateral and bankruptcy jurisprudence to the global political and regulatory environment, the best response for a client in a given scenario can therefore change rapidly.



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