Enterprise And Rise- Creative Law Firms

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Enterprise And Rise- Creative Law Firms

There is an entrepreneurial spirit within the law firm Ashurst, there is a natural inclination to provide creativity in results. Ashurst winning The Lawyer’s Best Client Service Innovation award demonstrates a commitment to this.

The firm’s work for Santander bank demonstrated they can adapt to unexpected working conditions, while also showing how proactive action can have an impact across the country. The sheer impact of the pandemic had the opportunity to severely harm the economic landscape, thankfully somewhat of a V shaped economic recovery has occurred.

Personally, despite the firm’s banking and finance team being complemented by a Tier 1 ranking in Chambers and partners, it is the operational liberty the firm can take which ensures it can remain dynamic.

Contributory to this is the production of 420 banking documents within a month through the use of legal technology. Technology such as HighQ and Contract Express seek to further streamline the work model. They automatically produce loan documents post discussion, if a acceptance framework is met by the requestor of the loan.

The work that NewLaw services can undertake to review large scale documents is where Ashurst has demonstrated the value moving towards an alternative resourcing model and affirmed the benefits of Ashurst Advance. The firm builds its capacity to offer niche work, through legal technology and an underpinning support network reviewing and consulting businesses.

Due to the growing presence of the ‘big four’ accounting firms in the legal sphere, it is clear that a fusion of services is required. The opening of Ashurst Advance demonstrates drive and meticulous future positioning. The early adoption of the NewLaw services, demonstrate proactivity and operational results not achieved by competitors. Ashurst is seeking to open a further ‘business solutions’ office, this follows news that both the Glasgow and Brisbane offices have doubled in size. A further advantage for Ashurst is the strategic entrenchment in the Asia Pacific region as this offers unparalleled strength through a 24-hour legal service.



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